Fashion Story: Float Along, Half Way Home


Sweat Shirt by SuperDry, shirt by Zara and pants by Dorothee Schumacher. Cardigan by Isabel Marant, turtleneck by Forte_Forte, fur vest by Marni, pants by Stella McCartney and earrings by H&M.

Dress as top by Gina Tricot, jumpsuit by American, vintage socks by Sneaky Fox and shoes by Prada. Shirt dress by Veronica B Valenes, T-shirt by SuperDry, pants by Zara, earstuds and bracelet by H&M.

Jacket by 2ND Day, turtleneck by Gestuz, blouse by Gina Tricot, jeans by Frame, socks by Sneaky Fox and shoes by Prada. Blazer by Weekday Collection and polo dress by 2ND Day.

Denim dress by Topshop, shirt by Frame, scarf byMarc by Marc Jacobs, patent vest dress by Marc by Marc Jacobs, boots by Cheap Monday, bag by Valentino and earrings by H&M. Dress by Topshop, necklace by Isabel Marant and boots by Prada. Photograpy by Daniel Stjerne, fashion by Denis Bjerregaard, make up and hair by Malene Kirkegaard and modeling by Signe Lund@Le Management. Creative info: Daniel Stjerne, Denis Bjerregaard, Malene Kirkegaard and Signe Lund.