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Earrings by Lost in Echo, nose piercing by AC9, top and pants by Defaience, shoes by Fidan Novruzova. Necklace by Absidem, top by Kuun Studio, pants by Grk, shoes by Annakiki.
Earrings by Exxential
top and skirt by Alejandre
shoes by Marsell.
Necklace by Exxential, earrings by Defaience, bra by Absidem, trench by Drome, shoes by Fidan Novruzova. Earrings by Exxential, top and pants by Annakiki, shoes by Sonora boots. Photography by Timothy Joseph Boué, fashion by Alessandro Travaini, hair by Alicia Lanzi, make up by Manuela Balducci, modeling by Fatima Koanda , Aspen Volyk @wonderwallmanagement, photographer’s assistance by Giorgia Pettinari, fashion assistance by Lorenzo Iacobone and Mathilde Proietti, retouch by Giuseppe Catesi.