Fashion Story: Gathered

Dress and black jeans by Sshena, socks by Nike and shoes by Menghi. Sweatshirt and trousers by Sshena, socks by Nike and shoes by Fabi.

Jacket by Tricot Chic. Dress by Alcoolique.

Shirts by Balossa. Sweater and trousers by Nicholas K.

Coat by Alberto Zambelli. Shirt by Alcoolique.

Bomber by Francesco Buccinà and trousers by Angelos Frentzos.

Dress by Cettina Bucca. Mesh by Sveta, t-shirt by Obvious Basic, leggins by Alberto Zambelli, shorts by Cristiano Burani and shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo, bomber by Giuseppe Buccinà, trousers by Angelos Frentzos, socks by Nike and shoes by Fabi, sweatshirt by Angelos Frentzos, skirt by Ssheena, socks by Nike and shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo. Photography by Ilaria Taschini, fashion by Laura D’ottavio, hair and makeup by Maeve Mcelholm and modeling by Lidewij@Brave Models, Mattia@I love Models, Isabell@Pop Models, Jovana@Monster and Marco@3Mmodels.