Fashion Story: Green Grass


Printed shirt by Acne studios. Leather coat by Haal.

Red polo neck by Acne studios and brown leather skirt by Beyond retro.

Stripy top by Anna Johansson and navy trousers by Randolph. Blue dress by Haal.

Cerise dress by Acne studios. Red bow by Beyond retro and and top by Acne studios.

Knitted jumper by Acne studios. Navy trousers by Randolph and shoes by Minna Palmqvist. Photography by Nina Andersson, fashion by Emelie Hultqvist, hair and makeup by Josefina Zarmen and modeling by Justine B@Stockholmsgruppen. Creative info: Nina Andersson, Josefina Zarmen, Stockholmsgruppen. Emelie Hultqvist