Fashion Story: Happy Songs In C Minor


Top by Goldie, dress by Austin Snyder and trousers by Miss Sixty. Jacket by Zeynep Kartal and trousers by Steventai.

Dress by Lynne Searl. Jacket by Zeynep Kartal.



Corset by The Pretty Dress company, trousers by Back by Ann Sofie Back and jacket by Austin Snyde.

Dress by To be adored, skirt by Katie Eary and T-shirt models own. Jacket by Ong-Oaj Pairam.

Top by Teatum Jones, top underneath by Siiri Raasakraa, tie by Paul & Joe, trousers by Zeynep Kartal and shoes by Toga. Shirt and Top both by Back by Ann Sofie Back.

Dress and trousers both by Ashley Kang.

Dress and trousers both by Ashley Kang. Bra by Clio Pepiatt, trousers by Steventai and bracelet by Tiffany & Co. Photography by Jesse Laitinen, fashion by Marianthi Hatzikadi, hair by Johnnie Biles and modeling by Anna Nevala and Esme Ham@The Hive Management, Jessica Luostarinen@SUPA, Maria Kudryavtseva@M and P. Creative info: Jesse Laitinen.