Fashion Story: Herself a goddess


Blouse by Tanya Snezh-Lebedeva, pants and headwear by Julia Che. Dress by Oxana Krengel, coat by Viktoria Irbaieva and headwear by Julia Che.

Dress by Mari Axel, headwear by Julia Che and shoes by h&m. Jacket by Viktoria Irbaieva and necklace by Julia Che.

Sweater and pants by Viktoria Irbaieva, corset by Incanto, vintage jacket and headwear by Julia Che. Overall by Tanya Snezh-Lebedeva, headwear by Julia Che and bracelets by Perlpower.

Top Julia Che, skirt by Zephyre and hat by Lia Gureeva. Coat and dress by Viktoria Irbaieva, headwear by Julia Che, Vintage bag and shoes by h&m. Photography by Anna Archen, fashion by Anna Bakhareva, hair and makeup by Darya Dzyuba, accessories by Julia Che and modeling by Roxolana Dambaeva. Creative info: Anna Archen, Anna Bakhareva, Darya Dzyuba and Julia Che.