Fashion Story: Hinterland

Coat by Pæp, jacket by Hype, shirt by A.D. Deertz and trouser by Dolce & Gabbana. Shirt by Calvin Klein, shirt and trouser by Pæp and sneakers by Adidas.

Turtleneck, scarf, trouser by Pæp, shirt (worn around waist) by Karl Lagerfeld, socks by Calvin Klein and boots by Unif. Overcoat by Pæp, blazer vintage, T-shirt by Jeremy Scott, skirt by Alpha 60 and woven visor by Weekday.

Trench Coat by Pæp.

Jacket by Moschino, trouser and shirt by Pæp and sneakers by Balenciaga. Coat by Pæp and shirt by A.D. Deertz.
 Photography by Trevor Brady, fashion by Carla Pedersen, grooming by Carmen Rachel and modeling by Christopher Paepke. Creative info: Trevor Brady, Carla Pedersen and Carmen Rachel.