Fashion Story: I dreamt a Dream

Blouse by Doron ashkenazi, pants by We Must Shop, shoes by Mellisa, socks by Happy Socks, necklace by Eios Jewlery and rings by Kuki Studio.
Shirt by Story, pants by Kuki Studio, socks by HM, shoes by Mellisa, earrings by Eios Jewlery.
Underwear by Sarigamish, top by HM, blouse by Doron Ashkenazi, necklace by  Eios Jewelry. Top by Sarigamish, pants and scarf by We Must Shop, filp flops by  Adidas, Eios Jewelry.
Top by We Must Shop, pants by Alla Levy, shoes by Melissa, jewelry by Eios Jewelry. Photography by Hila Kadi, fashion by Ori leshem, art direction by Orit Feig, modeling by Alma@R&R Models.