Fashion Story: If You Want, I Want Too


Purse is stylist own, suit jacket by Independent kostym, shirt by Dressman and sneakers by Humana second hand. T-shirt by myrorna and jeans by Levis.

T-shirt by Beyond Retro, shirt by Polo Ralph Lauren, jeans by Levis and boots by Sko Uno.

Striped top by Beyond Retro, skirt by HAAL, jeans by Levis, neckless by Independent Kostym and shoes by Sko Uno. T-shirt by Beyond Retro, trousers by Unikum by C/N and sneakers by Reebok.

Bra by Calvin Klein, jeans by Levis and jeans by Claes Bergman.

Suit jacket by YSL, t-shirt by 69 US, jeans by Levis and boots by Sko Uno. Photography by Valter Törsleff, fashion by Nicole Walker@LinkDetails, make up by Jeanette Törnqvist@LundLund, photo assistance by Magnus Bergqvist, studio James & Perra and modeling by Love@Nisch Management and Ellen@Stockholms Gruppen. Creative info: Nicole Walker and Jeanette Törnqvist.