Fashion Story: I´m Not Afraid To Wait


Gown by Bukht, T-shirt by John lawrence Sullivan, trousers by Begie, socks by Nookandcranny, necklace and ring by Shihara and sandals by Unused. Top by John lawrence Sullivan, dress by n100 and earrings by Shihara.

All-in-one by Lot Lamb and inner camisole stylist own.

Shirt by Unused, overalls by Nookandcranny, sneakers by Bluecover and earrings and ring by Shihara. Tops by Lot Lamb, trousers by Ensorcivet and bracelet by Shihara.

All-in-one by Lot Lamb.

T-shirt by Unused, overalls by Nookandcranny and earring by Shihara. Cardigan by n100, camisole dress by Nookandcranny, pantyhose by Fukuske and ring by Shihara. Photography by Hirohito Okayasu, fashion by Yoshiki, art direction by Shoko Matsumoto, retouch by Erika Kida, make up by Yoshi.T@Mondo, hair by Kazuto Shimomura and modeling by Zhenya@Zucca Models. Creative info: Hirohito Okayasu, Yoshiki, Shoko Matsumoto, Yoshi.T and Kazuto Shimomura.