Fashion Story: In a Sentimental Mood

Vintage turtleneck and jacket by Moschino.
Vintage corset.
Vintage hand made dress.
Vintage hand made dress.
Vintage dress.
Bra by H&M and tights by Calzedonia.
Trousers by Po_co_clothes and vintage blouse.
Jacket by Moschino, tights by Calzedonia and vintage corset and turtleneck.
Body by H&M and trousers by Po_co_clothes.
Dress by Flora Kung and vintage bra. Photography by Mag Juchnik, fashion by Mag Juchnik and Katarzyna Olkowska, hair and make up by Katarzyna Olkowska, modeling by osia Chojak@Uncovermodels and Daria Kot@The Claw Models.