Fashion Story: In and Out of Place

Knit set by Rempety, vintage blazer by Loyia, jewelry, shoes and bandeau stylist’s own. Bomber jacket and boots by the stylist, hair accessories by The Vintage Company.
Boots by Luciano Padovan, Js Second hand Vintage, chain belt by The Vintage Company. Knit sweater and leather belt by The Vintage Company, shoes and jewelry stylist’s own.
Dress by The Vintage Company, coat by House of Sunny, Iaminhatelove, hair accessories by The Vintage Company. Raincoat by Loyia, vintage orange coat by Burberry, Loyia, boots by Max&Co, Loyia, bodysuit stylist’s own. Photography by The Tang Concept, fashion by Anastasia Mouskou, art direction by Aphrodite Koupepidou, hair by Katerina Ioannidou, make up by The Powder Room, modeling by Elena Vasiliou.