Fashion Story: In Front of You

Headscarf by Zara, shirt by Syrykh, trousers by Cos, sundress by ZuhatClo, accessories by Mineral Weather, shoes by Maison Margiela. Skullcap by Aminat, headscarf by Zuhat Clo, skirt and blouse by MeasureGirl, shirt by Uniqlo, accessories by Poison drop shoes by Zara, socks by Uniqlo.
Skull cap by Aminat, trench coat by Sonya Suntsova, dress by Aminat, accessories vintage, shoes by Amina Muaddi.
Skullcap by Aminat, shirt by Dog Rose, t-shirt by Uniqlo, shorts by Cos, accessories by To Sansinin, shoes by Vans, socks by Uniqlo. Headscarf by Bimba y Lola, suit by Absolutex, kimono by Annur clothers, shoes by Nike, accessories vintage. Photography by Valeriya Shustval, fashion by Julia Fattakhova, modeling by Alina Mikheeva@Masson management, hair and make up by Marina Streletskaya and production by Maria Matsak.