Fashion Story: In the Park

Dress by Guillermo Jester. Blazer by Moloch and cowbow tie by Toronero.
Dress by Liz Campos. Top by Raúl Orozco.
Top by Liz Campos. Pants by Adidas.
Top stylist’s own. Top by Malena Foyo.
Top by Malena Foyo. Dress by Tete Rosado, Photography by Dorian Ulises López Macías, Fashion by Ricardo Arenas, Hair by Erich Clemenz, Make up by Mario Nevarez, Production by Carlos Castellanos x in the park productions, and modeling by Rene Anibal, Tonn, Allan Urbano, Andi Silva Venegas, Leonardo Colin, Aneken, Sara Esparza, Magdaleno Delgado, Marsella Rea, Zeta Garza and Kevin.