Fashion Story: Introduction

Fringe coat and lurex checkerboard cardigan by 18.01 London Archive, denim jeans by Supreme, belts by Saint Laurent. Shirt by Hermes, dyed blazer by Herbie Mensah.
Apron by Rag & Bone, raincoat by Mackintosh at 18.01 London Archive, leather blazer by Saint Laurent, gloves by Dents.
Vintage military suit and shirt by 18.01 London Archive, sunglasses by Chanel, tie Celine, Belt Comme Des Garcons. Coat by Herbie Mensah, knit vest from stylist’s archive, wrap around brocard shorts by Met Kilinc.
Vintage lace up jacket and loose weave pants by 18.01 London Archive. Dress by Missoni, blazer by Herbie Mensah, shorts by Nike. Photography by Tamibé Bourdanné, fashion by Met Kilinc and modeling by Finn@SUPA.