Fashion Story: Junk City

Dress by Lamarck. Top by 5-knot and skirt by Saphir East.

Hoodie by Uemulo Munenoli.

Skirt by 5-knot. Hoodie by Uemulo Munenoli.

Shirt by Uemulo Munenoli and pants by Infanonymous. Skirt by 5-knot.

Blouse by 5-knot, vest MSGM and kirt Infanonymous.

Dress by Lamarck. Blouson by Uemulo Munenoli and skirt by Saphir East. Photography by Marco, fashion by Marie Choi Higuchi, set design by Shizuka Aoki, hair by Yu-ki Oshiro, makeup by Kotomi and modeling by Aoi Yamada. Creative info: Marie Choi Higuchi, Shizuka Aoki, Yu-ki Oshiro, and Kotomi.