Fashion Story: let me know when the future is here


Doubled layered mac-coat by Rhodine and vintage sunglasses by Lacoste.

Denim jacket by Levis Vintage Clothing, pins by Musseum Neu, dress by Carlos Posada and sneakers by Nike. Denim jacket and black jeans by A.P.C., crop top by Paulina Molina and monkstrap boots by MÌ-TU.

Sleevless blouse by Paulina Molina, japanese reproduction jeans by Wrangler and sneakers by Nike. Harrington jacket by Baracuta England, short by Carlos Posada, knee socks by American Apparel and sneakers by Nike.

Camo parka by Alpha Industries, hooded sweatshirt by Acne Studios and sweat-dress and shorts by Carlos Posada. Photography by Louis Rodiger, fashion by Gerardo Carrillo, hair and make up by Karina Fonti and modeling by Iris Hall.