Fashion Story: Lights and Shadows

Top and skirt by Minghan Xue and boots by Raf Simons. Overall by Minghan Xue and jacket by Balenciga.

Top, trouser and bra by Minghan Xue. Overall by Minghan Xue.

Dress by Minghan Xue and shoes by Marine Serre. Top, vest and jacket by Minghan Xue, glove by Marine Serre.

Top, trouser and bra by Minghan Xue, boots by Raf Simons.

Dress by Minghan Xue, leather jacket by Martine Rose. Top, vest and dress by Minghan Xue, military jacket by Balenciaga and boots stylist own. Photography by Kai Wai Wong, fashion by Yalun Zhan and Minghan Xue, makeup and hair by Yuanming Song and modeling by Santana Marie.