Fashion Story: Lorraine

Shirt by Miahatami, sweater by Massimo Alba, skirt by Alysi, shoes by Jil Sander and earrings by Cavalli e Nastri. Coat by Seventy.

Sweater by Gazel, pants by Alysi, cardigan by Pier Antonio Gaspari, bracelet and earrings vintage. Sweater by Pier Antonio Gaspari, belts by Prada and shoes by Jil Sander.

Coat by Seventy, skirt vintage and shoes by Jil Sander. Top by Mantero, pants by Seventy, jacket by Alysi, belt and necklace vintage and shoes by Calvin Klein.

Coat by Seventy. Jacket by Alysi, trousers by Seventy, top vintage, shoes and accesories by Cavalli e Nastri. Photography by Lucas Possiede, fashion by Lyan Kaplun, makeup by Gianluca Casu, hair by Emiliano Riccardi and modeling by Lorraine Cruz@D1s Models.