Fashion Story: Los Angeles

Top by Tankair, bottoms by Isa Boulder, jewellery by Izabo, shoes by Ann Demeulemeester. 

T-shirt by Americal Apparel, dress by Los Angeles Apparel. pantalons stylist’s own shoes by Chanel, jewellery by Izabo. 

Top and skirt by Nodress and Bloomers, jewellery by Izabo. 

Dress by Isa Boulder, belt by Ann Demeulemeester and jewellery by Izabo. 

T-shirt by Adidas, skirt by stylist’s own, jewellery by Izabo. Photography by Oriane Verstraeten, fashion by Emily Vu. Light by Maya Sacks, production by Alizée Verstraeten and modeling by Laurel @FordmodelsLA.