Fashion Story: Lost

Total look by Zara . Dress worn as a skirt by Zara, sweater by Needle & Thread, top by JDY, scarf by Jimmy Choo, hat by Zara, necklace by Sweet Deluxe.
Dress by Needle & Thread, veil by Atelier Irvalda, gloves vintage, necklace model’s own. Skirts by Needle & Thread, bra by Zara, necklace model’s own.
Dress by ASOS, gloves by Bottega Veneta, necklace by Zara. Underwear by Zara, shoes stylist’s own. Photography and fashion by Dominik Więcek, modeling by Gabriela@Pinokio Models, hair and make up by Magda Fuss, photographer’s assistance by Kuba Marciniak.