Fashion Story: Lucky


Dress by 60´s Slit, leggings by Capri, shoes by Dior and earrings stylist own. Dress by Jeff Gallano and hat from Prototype Vintage.

Skirt by Escada, shirt from Celia Darling Vintage and shoes by Dolce and Gabbana.

Dress by Zoehtq and shoes by Tartan.

Top by Gudule from Prototype Vintage, pants from Prototype Vintage  and hat and earrings from Celia Darling Vintage. Top stylists own, hat from Prototype Vintage, skirt and earrings from Celia Darling Vintage. Photography by Bettina Pittaluga, fashion and production by Dourane Fall and Pierre Demones, hair and makeup by Ami and modeling by Maty@girl management.