Fashion Story: Midnight Thoughts

Shirt and dress by LGN Louis-Gabriel Nouchi.

Earrings by Neith Nyer.

Dress by Schueller De Waal, belt by LEO and boots by Ninamounah.

Top by Quoï Alexander.

Dress by Quoï Alexander and boots by Ninamounah. Photography by Michelle Du Xuan, fashion by Mirey Enverova, makeup by Aurelie Deltour, hair by Yumiko Hikage@ASG Paris, floral design by Pauline Monnier, set design by Joffrey Montes and modeling by Coralie JF@City Paris, Laura Turka@IMG Paris and Beaudine Drevel@Girl Management Paris. Creative info: Michelle Du Xuan, Mirey Enverova, Aurelie Deltour and Yumiko Hikage.