Fashion Story: Movement

Shirt by Michael Sontag Atelier, shirt stylist’s own, skirt by Isabel Vollrath, necklace by Jose Anglada, shoes by Camper Lab.

Blazer by Avenir, shirt by Michael Sontag Atelier, necklace by RM Atu Gelovani and shoes by Miista. Skirt by Isabel Vollrath, pants stylist’s own, shoes by Converse. 

Dress by Michael Sontag Atelier, shirt by Avenir, earring by RM Atu Gelovani, ring by Jose Anglada.

Dress by Isabel Vollrath, blazer by Avenir, ring and earring Jose Anglada, shoes by Camper, socks by Gucci. Photography by Anna Gvetadze, fashion by Nutsa Khurtsilava, hair and make up by Megi Chkhenkeli, production by Dodzi Kobakhidze and modeling by Alina Znakharenko, Mariko Lejava, Alexander Moroz.