Fashion Story: Nightrider

Dress by Mateusz Jagodziński and shoes by Filip Kozak. Jacket by Jan Król, turtleneck by Manuela Korecka, belt by Guess and tights by Sesto Senso
Overalls and gloves by Zuzanna Wasilkowska and shoes by Solo Femme
. Winged golf and bodysuit by Iga Nikoliszyn and corset with pants by Zuzanna Wasilkowska
Feather fur by Anna Maria Gang, tights by Calzedonia and shoes by R.Polański
. Dress by Joanna Małecka, bra and harness by Iga Nikoliszyn and shoes by Quazi
. Photography by Anna Konieczna, fashion by Marcelina Glasse, hair and make up by Klaudia Majcher and modeling by Aya@Gaga Models.