Fashion Story: Nobody Else

Blazer by Zara Studio, top and leggings by Cloudy, shoes by Valentino and bag by Skvoreshniq. Body by Cloudy, socks by Monki and sneakers by Adidas.

Jumpsuit by Cloudy and gloves by Skvoreshniq. Top and leggings by Cloudy, sneakers by Adidas and plaid by Ikea.

Top by Zara, leggings by Cloudy, gloves by Skvoreshniq, faux fur slippers by Zara and backpack by Hight Twelve.

Body by Cloudy. Coat by GATE31, top and leggings by Cloudy, socks by Monki, sneakers by Adidas and glasses by Miu Miu. Photography by Sofia Tkach, fashion and concept by Nataliia Skvortsova, makeup and hair by Ekaterina Bodrova and modeling by Anhen Bogomazova. Creative info: Sofia Tkach.