Fashion Story: Non Pardon

Dress by Zara. Dress by Dawid Tomaszewski, turtleneck by Drykorn, earrings by ASOS Design and shoes by ASOS Design.

Dress by Zara, earrings by Aldo, hat stylist´s own and shoes by Ego. Dress by ASOS Design, blouse by Alexander McQueen and earrings stylist´s own.

Dress by Zara, blouse by Zara, shoes by ASOS Design and earrings stylist´s own. Dress by Paul & Joe, turtleneck by Joseph, hat by Dolce & Gabbana and shoes by Dr. Martens. Photography by Alex Weber, fashion by Arijana Cassel, hair and makeup by Jo Paschalis @ Bigoudi, fashion assistance by Celine Balthasar and modeling by Greta Pfennig@Le Management.