Fashion Story: Old School Girl


Jumpsuit by Studio Winkler, shoes by Vagabond and scarf by Faliero Sarti. Shoes by Whistles and painting by Suzanne Levesque.

Coat by Brachmann Menswear and bow tie by Goletz BowTies. Blouse by Studio Winkler and watch by OU:RS Watches.

Coat by Brachmann Menswear, bow tie by Goletz BowTies and shoes by McQ Alexander Queen.

Shirt by Brachmann Menswear, pullover by Brachmann Menswear, pants by Frisur and watch by OU:RS Watches. Jumpsuit by Studio Winkler.

Blouse by Studio Winkler, pants by Frisur and shoes by Stylist‘s Own. Photography by Christina Hasenauer@GoldenAge-ncy, art direction by Dominic Packulat, hair and makeup by Ana Buvinic and modeling by Lija@Maverick&RenegadeMgmt. Creative info: Christina Hasenauer, Dominic Packulat and Ana Buvinic.