Fashion Story: On the Line

Earrings and bag by Chanel, jacket and suit by Louis Vuitton. Hat by Prada, earrings, necklace and bracelet by Chanel, shorts by Dior and sandals by Balenciaga.
Total look by Louis Vuitton and boots by Givenchy.
Top by Salih Balta, shorts by Maison Mihara ‘ Shopigo’ and boots by Givenchy. Total look by Chanel, shoes by Miu Miu and sunglasses by Oakley.
Sunglasses by Oakley, bag by Manc, track suit by GmbH ‘Shopigo’, corset by Salih Balta and shoes by Miu Miu. Photography by Ali Yavuz Ata, fashion by Emrecan Sandal, hair by Ates Remzi, make up by Ugurkan Avci, nail by Ege Eryalaz and modeling by Inna@Tanks management Istanbul. Stylist’s Assistance by Naz Koral , Çiçek Varuy and Sazer Altindogan.