Fashion Story: On top of Things

Top by Farm Rio, shorts by Kimchi Blue, socks by Poketo, shoes by L’Intervalle.
Top and over shirt by Zara, pants by Out from Under, shoes by L’Intervalle, earings by Crumi Stuff.
Hat by Zara, bustier and jumpsuit by Farm Rio, socks by UNIQLO, shoes by L’Intervalle.
Top and shirt by Kimchi Blue, shorts by Urban Outfitters, ring by Empire Exchange, shoes by Zara, socks by Uniqlo.
Jumpsuit by Farm Rio, pants by Urban Outfitters, earings by Crumi Stuff. Photography by Amélie Chiasson, fashion by Isabelle Conan Cormier, hair and make up by Mélina Bernardo and modeling by Rosie @System Canada.