Fashion Story: Pieces

Pants by Adidas Sequin, tank top by Prada, garterbelt by stylist’s own, necklace by Zara, shoes stylist’s own. All clothes by Miu Miu.

Skirt by Anima top, by stylist’s own. Skirt by Aniye By, t-shirt by Richmond, belt by Gimaguas, earring stylist’s own, shoes stylist’s own.

Skirt by Zara, top by Marine Serre, collant by Calzedonia necklace and bag by Zara, shoes stylist’s own. Corset vintage, collant by Vaquera, jacket by Gucci. Photography by Irene Guastella, fashion by Lucrezia Esposito, hair and make up by Giulia Balsamini, modeling by Kate@selectmodelmilano.