Fashion Story: Piscis

Jacket, trousers and shirt by Zara, knitted vest by Stradivarius, boots by Bottega Veneta, necklace stylist’s own. Dress by Milk&Silk, wool polo by Zara, jewelry by Avgvst, gloves stylist’s own.
Turtleneck and skirt by Zara, bag by Bottega Veneta, sunglasses by Balenciaga. Bag by Bottega Veneta.
Sweatshirt by Elena Piskulina, skirt by Asa Shirokova, socks by Balenciaga, slippers by Bottega Veneta, bag by Fetiche. Dress by Zara, shoes by HM, tights by Calzedonia, gloves and earrings stylist’s own. Photography by Alexander Yantyushev, fashion by Ulyana Shulgina, make up by Ekaterina Mikula and modeling by Katie @Linden Staub.