Fashion Story: Plastic Scout

Vintage windbreaker by Kuzmarkt Prague, coat by Odivi and trousers by Adam Kost. Vintage and windbreaker and denim vest by Kuzmarkt Prague.

Jacket by Adam Kost. T-shirt by Odivi, shorts by Tatiana Piussi and vintage jacket by Kuzmarkt Prague.

Suit by Adam Kost. Knitted jumpers and trousers by Adam Kost, windbreaker by Jan and shoes by Levi´s.

Coat Odivy, shirt and jacket by Adam Kost, vintage hat.

Jacket by Jan, trousers by Adam Kost and shoes by Levi´s.

Shirt by Sara Prostejovska and trousers by Levi´s. Photography by Alexander Bel, fashion by Magda Zurkova, hair and makeup by Kristyna Hoskova, fashion assistance by Iva Zur and modeling by Andreas@Elite Model Management Prague.