Fashion Story: Plastic Weekend

Jacket by Sara Maia, shirt by Patrick Church, stilettos by David Ferreira.
Trenchcoat by Ines Torcato, socks by SUPERFICIAL, sandals by Lacoste.
Suit by Ines Torcato, top by David Ferreira, boots by João Magalhães, hat stylist’s own.
Dress by Alexandra Moura x Decénio, socks by SUPERFICIAL, sandals by Luís Onofre. Photography by Rita Braz, fashion by Raquel Guerreiro and Maria Nobre, Hair by Agne Kanapeckaite, make up by Catarina Pinto, modeling by Mila Tstarkova@Blast Models, production and creative Direction by DayClub.Studio. photographer’s assistance by Carolina Marta.