Fashion Story: Playtime

Hair pin stylist´s own.

Shirt vintage and jeans stylist´s own.

Shirt vintage, jeans skirt by Asos and pants by Zara.

Shirt by Gosha Rubchinskiy, pants and beret stylist’s own, choker by Missguided and sandals by Margiela.

Dress by Stylenanda, top by Zara, boots by Ebay and pin Stylist’s own.

Bra by Monoprix, pants by Asos, shirt vintage, shoes by Jil Sander, shirt vintage, large jeans stylist’s own, shoes by Deandri, shirt vintage, skirt by Asos, pants by Zara and sandals by Margiela. Photography by Allyssa Heuze, fashion by Fay, hair by Lukas Tralmer, makeup by Ondine Marchal and modeling by Gabi and Solene@Silent. Creative info: Fay, Lukas Tralmer and Ondine Marchal.