Fashion Story: Poems

Leggins vintage, dress by Esteban Pérez, blazer by Chaps, shoes by Marquis and socks by Esteban Pérez. Dress by Asos and hat vintage.
Jacket by El Armario Sustentable, metallic top by Esteban Pérez, legging vintage, black top by Calvin Klein and shoes by Marquis. Dress by Zara, socks by Keneth Stevens, pants by Calvin Klein and shoes by Zara.
Leggins by Vintage, jacket by Icono, handkerchief by Esteban Pérez, shoes by Barbados and dress by Esteban Pérez. Crochet sweater by Silvia Silva, Bikers by I Saw it First, leggins vintage, socks by Esteban Pérez and shoes by Alaniz. Photography and fashion by Esteban Pérez, modeling by Francisca Gonzalez.