Fashion Story: Poppy Red

Blouse by La Villa Clementine, tights by Falke.
Blouse and earring by Sin Control vintage, Lingerie by Animula Embroidery. Blouse by Ludmilla Corlateanu, Corset by La Villa Clementine, pants by Gentile Couture.
Blouse by Vera Road, pants by Vivienne Westwood, hat by Flapper. Blouse by Byblos, hat by flapper x K-way.
Total look by Elsa Lopreiato. Dress Maxrieny by Sara Wong. Photography by Eleonora Vergnano, fashion by Alexandra Ciubotaru, set designer by Edith Dimonda, set designer’s assistance by Jacopo Taverna, hair and make up by Antonio Pugliese and modeling by Awa Guisse@thelabmodels.