Fashion Story: Realisation

T-shirt and jeans by Neith Nyer. Top by Ignacia Zordan and necklace by Billie.

Dress by Alisa Kuzembaeva and shoes by Reebok. Body by Repetto and shorts by Ignacia Zordan.

Shirt and pants by Alisa Kuzembaeva. T-shirt and skirt by Neith Nyer and shoes by Puma.

Trousers by Ignacia Zordan and top by Neith Nyer. Dress by Neith Nyer, bra by Kiliwatch and tights by Falke.

T-shirt by Afterhomework, shorts by Ignacia Zordan, dress by Alisa Kusen Baeva. Dress by Neith Nyer and tights by Falke.

Pants by Alisa Kuzembaeva. Dress by Alisa Kuzembaeva.

Top by Neith Nyer, skirt by Mazarine, tights by Falke and shoes by Kiliwatch. Shirt and pants by Alisa Kuzembaeva. Photography by Sophie Arancio, makeup by Celine Exbrayat, hair by Nina Olivet.