Fashion Story: Rendez Vous

Anna wears a jacket by Michael Sontag, skirt by Rudolf, heels by After Work Studio and jewelry by YCCIJ. Milan wears a jacket by Michael Sontag, top by After Work Studio, pants by Rudolf and jewelry by YCCIJ. Milanwears a top by Christoph Ritter and jeans by Visual Society.
Milan wears a jacket by Visual Society, top by Désirée Klein and pants by Vladimir Karaleev. Anna wears a jumpsuit and dress by Christoph Ritter.
Anna weras a dress and pants by After Work Studio. Milan wears a hat by Désirée Klein, jumper by Rudolf and coat by Vladimir Karaleev. Photography by Luisa Pagani, fashion by Sébastien Hernandez-Bertrand, hair by Emmanuelle Caradec, make up by Alice Cottet, modeling by Anna@The Claw and Milan@ Rockmen. Special thanks to Dach Showroom.