Fashion Story: Run

Top by Moschino, dress by Pulipe. Cape by Le Machet, trousers by Alersundi, earrings by Danger Concept. 

Body by Templat, dress by Otaduy, jewellery by Danger Concept.

Veil by Otaduy, dress by Yolancris, earrings by Fernando Rodríguez.  Dress by  Carlos Pineda, earrings by Fernando Rodríguez, ring by Danger Concept, sneakers by Mekkdes by Patricia Ferreira.

Dress by Yolancris, silk scarf by Le Machet, earrings by Danger Concept, gloves by Templat, socks and shoes stylist’s own.

Top and skirt by Otaduy, shirt by Le Machet, blazer by  Danger Concept, jewellery by  Danger Concept, shoes by  Como la Trucha al Trucho Studio. Veil and earrings by  Danger Concept, dress by  Alersundi, shoes by Najjat Harb. Photography by Lázaro Scabbia, fashion by Erika Acosta, hair by Lindsay Brady, make up by Kikue Ichihashi, modeling by Sarah Olle, film Lab by  Revelab Studio.