Fashion Story: Rush

Headpiece and body by VR di Rio Valentina, shoes by Zara and tights stylist’s archive. Dress by Rebirth Studios, shoes by Vanlim shoes and sunglasses stylist’s archive.

Deconstructed shirt by Liza Agafonova, skirt by Zara, jeans by Oviesse jeans, shoes by MIISTA and necklace by PRUM. Blazer by Armani, bra by Pauluschkaa, shorts by Rommel Berlin, necklace stylist’s archive. 

Bra by Chois Studios, skirt by Acne Studios, pants and necklace by Zara, shoes by MIISTA, gloves stylist’s archive.  Top by Adriane Lila, tights and gloves stylist’s archive, and sunglasses by Home full of clothes. Photography by Philipp Koehler, fashion by Liza Agafonova, hair and make up by Rafa Delgado, modeling by Vera @MGM Models, fashion assistance by Nikita Neretin and photographer’s assistance by Curtis Hughes.