Fashion Story: Sally

Photography by Patrik Thalen and styling by Oscar Lange. Click for details.


Silver dress as a coat by Acne, top by Andresen & Lauth, black vest by Rutzo and collar Stylist’s own, shorts and braclet Chanel, trousers by Acne, dress as a skirt by Zetterberg and shoes by YSL archive. Trench as a cape by Jean Paul Gaultier, collar by Andresen & Lauth, short tank top by Cheap Monday, belt stylist’s own and skirt by Lippsy.


Dress as a collar by Zetterberg, golden dress by Quasimi, vest by Acne and fur by Lars Wallin. Dress by Day, bolero by Sand, vest by Andresen & Lauth, cape by Silent, skirt by Acne, trousers by Gucci, bracelet and necklace by Chanel and shoes by Gucci Archive.


Jacket by Cerre, dress and vest by Day, collar stylist’s own. Dress Issey Miyake, beige vest by Andersen & Lauth, jacket by Minimarket, golden vest by Dries van Noten, trousers and skirt by Acne and shoes by YSL archive.


Jacket by Nakkna, vest by Andersen & Lauth, top by Vera Mont, shorts by Enrico Hernancez, trousers by Acne and shoes by Christian Louboutin. Lace top by Rutzo, shirt by Anne Fontaine, jacket by Jean Paul Gaultier, bolero jacket by Issey Miyake, belt by Style Buthler and bracelet by Chanel. Photography by Patrik Thalén, styling by Oscar Lange, hair by Ali Pirzadeh@Linkdetails, make up by Ignacio Alonso@Agent Bauer, modeling by Sally@Mikas and photographers assitent by Linn Heidi Stokkedal.