Fashion Story: Shell

Body by Isaias Sebastian, skirt by Carolina Perez, boots by ANT Brand. Top and skirt by Kessia de Vallentier, necklace by Maria Belen, earrings by Morena Jewelry, boots by Mango

Blazer and skirt by Alin Jotar, earrings by Alejandra de Coss, boots by ANT Brand. Dress by Wildheart, necklace and earrings by Maria Belen, boots, vintage, rings by Morena Jewelry.

Dress by Cueva, earrings by Maria Belen. Dress and top by Beta Astral, boots by ANT Brand. Photography and fashion by Diego Ibañez, modeling by Gloriana Felipa @mzagency, hair and make up by Melanie Hoppe using @fentyskin and @oribe, fashion assistance by Morena Rodriguez. Location and special thanks to Maison Celeste & Meteora Concept.