Fashion Story: Shibuya

Dress by Comme Des Garçons, shoes by Mikio Sakabe, hat by Ruka. Skirt by Comme Des Garçons, t-shirt vintage from Tokyo’s Chicago Inc.Thrift Shop, shoes by Akikoaoki, bag by Super Nintendo World/ Universal Studios Japan Nintendo.

Dress and belt by Diesel, knit by Randy, shoes by Akikoaoki. Dress and shoes by Mikio Sakabe.

Vest by Corona, pants by Call by Yoshiro Ishikawa, shoes by Peter Gunn Sho. Inner pants by Polo Ralph Laurent, suit pants by Call, shoes by Akikoaoki, shirt by Peter Gunn Sho. Photography by Raquel Lago, fashion by Sabitri Diez, Miyuki Murakami and Peter Gunn Sho, fashion assistance by Ruka, hair and make up by Hiromitsu Yafune, modeling by Sae Kashiwabara@Tomorrow Tokyo, production by 7CACTUS PRODUCTIONS, photographer’s assistance by Ariana Zsolt, film processing by Carmencita Film Lab, special thanks to Three Treasures and Sonia Royal.