Fashion Story: Sketch Artist

Dress by Joanna Wirazka, knee covers by Martyna Koltun and shoes by Zara.
Hat and globes by Rachel Simone, under dress by Martyna Koltun, skirt by Adiamelias, knitted jewelled top by Camile Liu, shoes by Zara. Dress by Jaime Morales, earring by Camille Liu, shoes by Zara.
Top and leg cover by Martyna Koltun and gloves and tights stylist’s own, shoes by Zara. Shirts by Balmain, Boss and Joseph. Photography by Christoph Langenberg, fashion by Caleb Garfield, hair by Nao Sato, make up by Kite and modeling by Tjaśa Vetelsek@xdirectn.