Fashion Story: Small World

Coat by Patrizia Pepe, bag by Patrizia Pepe and boots by Cividini. Coat by Serdar, trousers by Serdar, scarf by Serdar and shoes by Gianluca Capannolo.

Coat by Dolly and Molly, shoes by Ouigal and bag by Amanti.

Dress, skirt, belt, shoes and hat by Momonì. Scarf by Federica Lamari, trousers by Federica Lamari, bra by Lor Rive and shoes by MYVI.

Coat by Seventy, boots by Gianluca Capannolo and sunglasses by Pugnale. Blazer, trousers and shoes by Otto D’ame and sunglasses by Pugnale.

Jumpsuit by Gianluca Capannolo, shoes by Gianluca Capannolo and fake fur by Vivetta. Coat by Goose Tech, trousers by Vivetta and shoes by Vivetta.

Coat and top by Maryling, skirt by Sfizio and shoes by VicMatie. Coat, trousers and shoes by Cividini. Photography by Ludovica Arcero, fashion by Aureliano Quattrone, makeup and hair by Michela Husanu using Mac and Bumble and Bumble, casting by Cattura Production, assistance by Cristina Calciati and modeling by Jessica Luost@The Lab. Creative info: Ludovica Arcero and Aureliano Quattrone.