Fashion Story: So What

Leather suit by Ella Levy, black bra by Provem Wrong, belt private and jewelry by Galit Rondin Jewelry. Dress and belt by Ella Levy, corset by Nitsan Mizrachi and jewelery by Daniela Davidi Jewelery.
Dress by Aviram Fima for Shenkar and ewelery by Galit Rondin Jewelry.
Jacket and skirt by Mashiiah, belt by Provem Wrong and jewelery by Daniela Davidi Jewelery. Knitwear by Provem Wrong, pants and belt by Elle Levy, silver belt private and Jewelry Galit Rondin Jewelry. Photography by Shay Cohen Arb, fashion by Zohar Meiri, hair and make up by Sapir Sabag and modeling by Ariel Halevy for Randy by Rotem and Roberto Agency.