Fashion Story: Sometimes we Wait

Coat Nada Dehni, hat by Danny Reinke, shoes by Elodie Carstensen. Jumpsuit by Hani Haki, headpiece by Elodie Carstensen.
Jumpsuit by Tim Stolte, dress by Philipp Fritsche. Dress by Yevheniia Luchko.
Bra and headpiece by Yevheniia Luchko.
Top Danny Reinke, skirt AMA, gloves by Philipp Fritsche. Jacket and pants by Elodie Carstensen.
Bra by Yevheniia Luchko, pants and gloves by Tim Stolte. Top by Danny Reinke and skirt by Nada Dehni. Photography by Linda Böse, fashion by Andrea Horn, hair and make up by Michael Mayer, modeling by Melani Sandow@modelwerk and stylist’s assistance by Xavier Liénard.