Fashion Story: Space

Coat by Alexander McQueen, shoes by AGL, gloves by Jil Sander, bracelet by Carolin Dieler, rings by Carolin Dieler, Asterisk. Coat by Ivy & Oak, shirt by Tom Ford, tie by Saint Laurent, pants by William Fan, shoes by AGL, jewelry by Asterisk.

Top by Mugler, skirt by Han Kjobenhavn, boots by AGL, jewelry by  Asterisk. Pants and gloves by Asquin, jewelry by Asterisk, shoes by Miu Miu.

Coat and dress by Litkovska, hat by MSBHV, jewelry by Asterisk, shoes by AGL. Overall by 032c, belts by Vivienne Westwood, Gestuz, GCDS, Diesel, earrings and Chain by Carolin Dieler, rings by Asterisk, shoes by Scarosso. Photography by Debora Spanhol, fashion by Elena Vassiliu and Serntar Chint, hair by Tina Pachta, make up by Marília Rohr, modeling by Fatou Ndure @izaio.modelmanagement.