Fashion Story: Space, The Last And Only Destination


All garments by Palomo Spain. Coat by CMMN Sweden.

Jacket and Jeans by Baartmans and Siegel, roll neck by Sandro and boots by Costume Studio. Jumper, trousers and braces by Nigel Cabourn and scarf by Beyond Retro.

Red roll neck by Richard James and blue roll neck by Richard James. Suit by CMMN Sweden and tank top by Costume Studio.

Jacket by Palomo Spain, roll neck by Lanvin, trousers by Edward Crutchley and shoes by Nike. Shirt by Edward Crutchley and roll neck by Lemaire.

Coat by CMMN Sweden. Coat by CMMN Sweden, scarf by Beyond Retro, trousers by Palomo Spain and boots by Costume Studio. Photography by Silvia Dee, fashion by Neesha Champaneria, grooming by Sophia Cox and modeling by Laurie@Milk Management. Creative info: Silvia Dee, Neesha Champaneria and Sophia Cox.